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Solar desalination


The Aquasun™ pannel, is a solar desalinisation system, inspired by the natural cycle of evaporation and condensation.
It produces drinking fresh water from any water source : sea water, lake and river water, ell water, etc.

It Produces at will drinking water without the use of any energy other than sun light, doesn’t produce any toxical wastes or any pollutants.
It is ideally suited for Hotels, Guest houses, Pearl Farms, Schools, Housing, etc.

Maintenance free
The maintenance is reduced to a bare minimum, due to the product having no moving parts or electronics and meeting extremely high quality and strength standards. It doesn’t require any prior training to operate.
The Aquasun panel

The Aquasun panel is a desalinisationr system inspired by the natural cycle of water from evaporation to condensation.

By replicating this natural process, contaminants such as salts, chemicals (non volatile), bacterias and viruses are eliminated.

Thanks to its modular design, it can be used as an independant unit or chained with more units to produce higher volumes of clean water.

It allows for the production of clean drinking water from all water sources, from sea , rivers, stagnating ponds, muddy wells, ect, using only the power of sun light.

Principles of potabilization

The unit intakes the contaminated water by the top, either by gravity or with the help of a solar pump.
The contaminated water slowly flows down the panel.

Sun rays heat the thin film of contaminated water and thus vaporizes it, leaving the contaminants behind.
In the cooling chamber steam condenses and turns into water again.

The water collected via such a method is delivered at the bottom of the panel, clean and ready for human consumption.

The small amount of contaminated water that didn’t evaporate is drained out of the panel by gravity and can either be rejected or transferred to another panel in order to obtain a multi-effect distillation.
In this second case one can obtain such by-product as :
Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride

The frame of the product consists of an aluminium sheet of 1.5 mm thickness.
The forward-facing element is made out of tempered solar glass of 3.2mm thickness absorbing up to 92% of sun light, also the solar glass is anti-reflection coated

The panel currently has two sizes :
The specs are given based on a total solar insolation of 8000 wh/m²/day.

Product 1 : The Aquasol 2000
14 litres/day
Size : 1mx2m
Weight : 16 kg

Product 2 : the Aquasol 3000
21 litres/day
Size : 1m/3m
Weight : 20 kg

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